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  Welcome to CSS Website

CSS offers solutions for remote site monitoring, data center power distribution, and console management for ICT professionals to monitor and to manage their ICT infrastructure more effectively.

Whether it’s a simple secure callback modem to network with remote ICT devices, an environmental monitoring device to monitor conditions at remote sites or within equipment rack in data centers, a power management device for data center energy consumption monitoring, or a fail-safe outlet metered PDU with remote power control, remote power monitoring, and trend analysis; we have the right solutions for you.

Worldwide, CSS solutions help business end users, ICT providers, wireless carriers and OEMs remotely monitor and manage ICT infrastructure within equipment sites, computer rooms, data centers and network operation centers.



Remote Site Monitoring   Data Center Power Distribution   Console Management
Simplify monitoring and management of ICT infrastructure in multi-vendor infrastructure environment.
Distribute, control, monitor, and measure power to ICT infrastructure.

Console servers to enable secure access
to ICT infrastructure for out-of-band administration and management.

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